Angel Funding

Investment for high growth potential businesses

What is Angel Funding?

Angel Investment is a great solution for entrepreneurs looking for capital investment plus industry connections and expertise. It is essential you find the right investor for your business, someone who can add value to your business. Before pitching to Business Angels, you should speak to a specialist to consider all your options.
Borrow up to £1m. Our angel funding partners allow business owners to raise funds for any purpose. Most investors look for businesses in high growth markets that have the potential to expand rapidly. An investor can provide financial backing for small startups or established businesses looking to grow.
Investors prefer to see businesses who have moved past the idea stage and have evidence of strong customer interest. Angel Funding is equity finance. An Angel Investor will make use of their disposable personal finances to help fund your business and in return they will take a share (equity stake) in your business. 
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How to get started:

Nowadays there are many Angel Funding platforms to choose from. At Nova, we can help guide you according to your requirements and preferences. Typical step by step:

  1. Sign up to chosen Angel Funding Platform
  2. Submit Proposal
  3. Connect with Angel Investors who are interested in your business proposition