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Traditional Banking values

Which Bank?

At Nova, we believe in traditional values like local branch relationships. Having worked closely with small businesses, we understand your financial needs and how important the relationship with your bank is. Our role is spend that extra time to understand you and your business, so we can help recommend tailored banking services.
Are you satisfied you are getting the best service from your Bank? It is always important to review the existing facilities and to be aware of what alternatives are available. Over recent years the Banking Industry has gone through many changes, which may have impacted the level of service you now receive.
How do you know your current terms are the best available on the market? We can help compare interest rates and overdraft charges to source the best rate business accounts. If service is most important to you, we can help introduce you to local business managers who can provide you a more superior service.
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What to consider from your Bank of choice?

  • The level of charges and fees
  • The ease of getting in contact with someone who can help you
  • Understanding of your business
  • Clear and transparent charges
  • Treats you fairly

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