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Improve your cash flow with Invoice Finance

Simple Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance releases cash tied up in outstanding customer invoices. These solutions are ideal for funding business expansion plans or simply improving your cash flow. Our Invoice Finance partners provide a simple and straightforward way to get quick access your funds.
Factoring - you issue your invoices as normal, raise up to 90% upfront, the financier will manage collection of the monies owed to you.

Invoice Discounting - release up to 90% of outstanding invoices, whilst you maintain the responsibility for collection of payments.
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If you have ambitious plans for your business, convert those unpaid invoices into ready capital now.

How does Invoice Finance work?

Invoice financing is where a third party (finance company) agrees to buy your unpaid invoices for a fee. You have access to up to 90% of the invoice value upfront and once the money is collected you receive the remaining money from your customer less interest and fees.

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Integrate with your Accounting Software

Smart Invoice Finance is here

Invoice Finance has endured quite a lot of negativity over the past decade. With Banks and Factoring companies limiting their appetite there has been an emergence of innovative solutions to fill the gap. If you use Accounting software, you can now access funds directly within minutes. 
Whenever you raise an invoice, the Smart Invoice Finance provider can clearly show you how much you can advance and the fees involved. You can take advantage of gaining control over your cash flow. The business pays a small daily fee for each day you have the advance and you can repay at any time.
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