Our pricing

Here's our breakdown of fees from commission to hourly rates

  1. Free
    The first contact with our clients is normally over the telephone. Face to face meetings can be arranged if required. Our aim is to find out as much as we can about you and your business to fully understand its current financial position. We will discuss your business objectives, finance requirements and product preferences. We act quickly to identify the most suitable finance solution(s) for your needs.
    Business review (1-2 Hours)
  2. Free
    Preparing your business for funding can be a difficult and time consuming process. We can help prepare a summary proposal and present it to the most applicable lenders who offer the best available terms. Initial findings and indicative terms are presented back to you in order to evaluate your options.
    Approach suitable finance providers (1-2 Hours)
  3. Free
    Once ready and the preferred lender has been selected, we gather the required supporting information and documentation. This may include completion of application forms, copies of bank statements, customer due diligence, cash flow forecasts and latest set of accounts. Nova's specialists will help guide you through this process
    Lender introduction (2 Hours)
  4. Free
    Our role is to help make applying for finance as hassle free as possible. We work closely with all parties to ensure everyone is kept up to date and information is exchanged efficiently. We are available to help at every stage of the application process from initial enquiry to available funds. If we cannot help arrange finance we will explain why and work together to make sure the next application is successful.
    Ongoing support and advice (2-3 Hours)


Nova Commercial Finance work on a commission basis with our lenders following successful introductions. Our specialists are not influenced by commission rates when making recommendations to the appropriate lender. Lenders will disclose to you (the client) if and when Nova (the broker) will be paid a fee and/or commission and full details are available.